Tuesday, November 21, 2006

...she's in trouble woo woo whoo

reminds me of the song "she's in fashion", by U2.. I think..

anyway, got an email from a friend from the UK. She sounded very distressed and I tried to contact her online. I even got her sms.

Anyway, to keep it short. it was her boyfriend who threaten to dump her. When i heard that I was in shock and anger. How can this asshole do that to a girl? Furthermore, she is my friend. Really had me on my nerves. I felt like kicking him in the bullocks!

I am not being biased but imagine a girl studying overseas and one of her parent passed away couldn't have a right mind to accept some asshole trying to tell her that the relationship is not working. If I am not wrong, that arsehole had this female friend whom he is rather "friendly" with.

What amazes me is that he have yet to decide what is going to happen to this relationship as my friend and that asshole planned a trip this winter in Europe! Oh come on... be a man. sorry i forgot you are an asshole.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

back to the stream

found some time to blog... it has been quite a while. actually after seeing a nakama's blog, the lazy me relit the urge to write again. So here i go.. babbling~

soon after the bored times, ready or not, I decided to inject myself back into SD(student division), had suddenly experienced this weird feelings around and the looks people gave. Many new faces and old ones as well. Big and small changes I would describe as SSA had become.

Nevertheless, I was kinda happy and unhappy about things. Probably because of the changes, narh... I think I might have been the people around. Well, in any case I couldn't be bother about those who seems to have a problem with me.

Maybe, it takes time to build friendship/comradeship with some but I personally believe that if one has the same objectives as others and especially when the benefits are intangible(u don't know nuts), why build that fucking wall? It is not like I wanted reap any rewards from the kenshu(training course)? It is more like I want to give it back to people I care for and in return, they themselves inherit our spirit as leaders and even surpass us in the future!

felt good after speaking my mind... especially to people who understands.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

symptom of extreme boredom

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

scenes @ vivo city & my sudden fetish for legs

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

BEWARE! birmingham folks

it is illegal to wear this ! (via www.boingboing.net)